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Healing & Awakening for Modern People

A Natural Approach to Healing

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Hi, I am Dr. Michelle Yan, a practitioner of Classical Chinese Medicine. I use traditional healing modalities to bring physical comfort and spiritual grounding to those suffering from severe pain, deep anxiety, and serious illness.

I work with families who are preparing for pregnancy, labor and parenthood.

This natural healing approach is ideal for you if:

Your medical illness to this point has been treated through medication and you’re looking for another path.

You’ve been experiencing chronic pain such as lower back, headache,
or a chronic condition such as digestive distress, insomnia, 
stress & anxiety.

You are seeking a holistic wellness approach to support pregnancy and the journey to motherhood.

You’re ready for a lasting change…

As I work with patients, what I consistently see is tiredness, hopelessness, and a need for emotional and spiritual support.  So often, there’s no long-term relief for symptoms.  Many of my patients have been living with chronic pain for so long, it’s become a new normal. 

Instead of masking the symptoms with medications, it’s vital
to look at the root cause of your pain so you can experience lasting healing.     

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What most people don't know is ...

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can address these spiritual, 

emotional, psychological, and physical needs all at once.

We are not just a physical body.  We also have energetic bodies. To create a lasting

healing to your physical pain, it’s vital to address the needs of your complete


Through the lens of Classical Chinese Medicine, you’ll gain a fresh perspective on your

health and chronic disease patterns through a holistic understanding of your body. Classic

Chinese Medicine gives a new language to map your experience, which creates more

harmony and empowerment for sustainable health.

Chinese herbal formulas, taken on a consistent basis, also have the potential to shift

chronic recalcitrant health conditions. Chinese medicine is a powerful science in its right,

with over a 3000-year history. It views the body as an ecology and herbs can be a powerful

intervention that can teach the body to correct its dysfunction in a healthy and holistic way.

Chinese herbal medicine addresses the root of the condition, not just its symptoms.

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The Path Solaris Approach

Healing occurs when we are connected to our Higher Self

Path Solaris means Path towards the Sun

Your Sun, represents your Inner light & Higher Truth, Deepest Spiritual Essence

Here’s the path we will take together:

Step 1: Find the Path

First, we will find the right path for you and set a treatment plan. This includes a comprehensive intake and physical exam. The detailed questions will help me understand the root causes of your symptoms and what approach to take in your treatment.

Step 2: Walk the Path

We will then progress through a series of treatments or herbal prescriptions that put you in touch with your symptoms and body. Along with healing treatments, we will re-pattern beliefs that are holding you back. Each session will bring you into more of a harmonious relationship to your body.

Step 3:  Reach Your Sun

Finally, you will learn how to make this change sustainable by learning how to reconnect to your deepest resource whenever you lose your way. You will emerge from the treatments shining and feeling more radiant. You will have a new pattern of beliefs that will allow you to stay connected in Mind-body-spirit.

The results you can expect:

Each treatment session is crafted to be impactful, providing tangible results and embodied realizations, which can translate to realistic, actionable insights and goals. When the session is complete you will emerge shining and radiating within your inner-light. 


You will feel connected to your deep, unlimited resources and 

enthused about re-engaging with the world.

What some past clients are saying

Dr. Michelle is a healer. I leave my visits with her feeling relaxed and more clear about my challenges and my capacity to succeed in my work and connect in my key relationships. Yes, that's a tall order, and she does this in 90-minutes--listening, guiding and treating with needles, moxa, tuning forks and more than anything with her presence. Yes, it actually does matter that she grew up in Singapore, speaking the language of the original Chinese medicine masters. She is the real deal!

Dr Jon Luchs, ND, MSOM, owner of BoostIV

I've just had my first consultation with Dr. Michelle Yan and was very satisfied with it. Some highlights of my experience: - She was punctual and consistently quick to respond. - We had a video session, the sound and image streaming from her crisp and flawless. - Her manner was warm and gracious; she asked good, probing questions that I found helpful in providing her with a clear idea of what I had come to her to. - She exhibited comprehensive knowledge in the application of Chinese medicine principles to my case. I came out of our session with a wider view and deeper appreciation of how various factors bore upon my concern. So fascinating! - She followed up our video session with a summary of what we had discussed, plus additional resources. I found this valuable. She also promptly responded to my follow-up questions on email. - The process of obtaining the remedies that she prescribed went very smoothly. I highly recommend her. Thank you, Michelle.

Charissa F.

Dr. Michelle is a great listener and a gentle healer. I went to see her for chronic back pain, depression and anxiety. She was attentive and had great suggestions. She checked in with how I was doing after using tuning forks, acupuncture and crystals on me. I am excited to see her again!

Esther P

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